Fashion Must-Haves A-Z

I fully believe that every closet needs at least 26 key pieces. Here is the fashion must-haves a-z.

A.) Adidas Superstars, preferably white with black accents.

B.) Brown/Black Belt, add a little extra to plain outfits.

C.) Classic Shades. Get yourself a pair of classic sunglasses, look fabulous everywhere.

D.) Denim Jacket, absolutely essential.

E.) Equestrian Boots, also known as riding boots.

F.) Flats. Every wardrobe needs a nice pair of black flats… and maybe ten other colors.

G.) Gold Necklace. I know they say that pale skinned people aren’t really supposed to wear gold, but we’re breaking the rules.

H.) High-Waisted EVERYTHING! Shorts, Leggings, Jeans, all pants.

I.) 70’s Inspired patched jeans. Retro is coming back in style.

J.) Jeans, duh! Every closet needs a pair of perfect-fitting jeans.

K.) Khakis, skinny khakis.

L.) Little Black Dress, a key piece.

M.) Midi Length Skirt, my favorite midi skirt is a dark green color.

N.) Neutral Colored Bag, matches every outfit.

O.) Opaque Tights, for classy days.

P.) Pumps, no wardrobe is complete without at least one pair of pumps.

Q.) Quilted Jacket – Perfect for chilly days. Warm feeling, cool looking.

R.) Rose Gold Bomber Jacket, girly yet tough.

S.) Silk Dress, risque and classy at the same time.

T.) T-Shirts. Lots of them.

U.) Undershirts, tank tops, layering, you get the idea.

V.) Velvet Dress, a fashion staple.

W.) White Sweater, just don’t spill, okay?

X.) eXtra thick scarf.

Y.) Yellow Shoes, such a look.

Z.) Zebra print fluffy socks, not fashionable but definitely comfy.

Spring Looks

I know it’s only January, but I feel like spring is going to come early this year, at least I hope so. This winter has been dreadful to say the least. My first post for this blog is going to be about spring fashion. I love florals and there’s no better time to wear them than when the weather is just starting to warm up and the flowers are beginning to bloom.

My go-to outfit for spring season is a nice pair of black leggings (I buy mine at Express, 30 bucks for a quality pair of leggings? Yes please!) and a red colored t-shirt/tank top with a red and black floral kimono. Pair this look with some Doc Martens and you’ll have the perfect match of sweet vs. punk. My favorite Doc Martens are the 1460 Smooths in Cherry Red.

Express Leggings: (29.90 USD)

Floral Kimono: (95.00 USD)

Dr. Martens: (135.00 USD)