Silicone Sponges VS. Beauty Blenders

Just recently I’ve had the opportunity to try a silicone sponge for the first time, I was beyond excited due to the uproar that social media has made about these little guys. Normally I use a regular beauty blender to blend in my foundation and concealer, but I figured I’d give these new sponges a shot. Overall, both types do a nice job of blending in the product, however, I think I prefer the original beauty blender more. Now don’t get me wrong, the silicone sponge is nice, and it does blend well, but for me it left a streaky foundation look. Before you rule out silicone sponges altogether, I will say I recommend them more than regular sponges for concealer. I think the streaky look comes from the amount of product used when I apply foundation, because when it comes to concealer, it blends perfectly.

My recommendation for all you beauty enthusiasts is to buy both a regular beauty blender and a silicone blender. Start off using a damp beauty blender and apply your foundation, then apply your concealer directly to the silicone sponge and blend your imperfections for a well-polished, clean look.


Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted! Senior year is getting crazy, hopefully I’ll be keeping you all updated more often!

Lots of love,



How To: Blend Your Eyeshadow

Okay, this is partially a rant post because I cannot stand when people don’t blend their eyeshadow. For this particular post, I’m talking about how I blended my eyeshadow in the picture at the bottom. I used only Studio Makeup On-The-Go palettes to create this look.

I first started with a shimmery tan color, just slightly darker than my skin tone. I put this color on the base of my eyelids.

Next, I take a shimmery white mixed with a matte white and start from about the beginning of my eyebrow to the inside corner of my eye applying the shadows.

The next color I used was a dark brownish/purple color. I used my crease brush (Crown Brush C513 Pro Detail Crease) to start from the middle of my eyelid and out to the end of my eyebrow using slow, flicking strokes.

The last step of this look is the actual blending process. I use Luxie Beauty Eye Blender brushes to blend the eyeshadow by moving the brush along my eye from the outer corner to the inner corner, with circular motions.

I continue to blend until I find the look I desired.

Hopefully this will help you learn how to blend your eyeshadow well and possibly decrease the amount of girls who do not blend theirs at all.



Daily Makeup 

Today’s post is also my first beauty post! I’m going to make a list of all the makeup products I use on a daily basis. I don’t normally use foundation, but I’m going to add my favorite one to the list. 

  • Anastasia Beverely Hills – DipBrow in Blonde 
  • NYX – Control Freak eyebrow gel 
  • Studio Makeup On-The-Go Palettes (I have so many so I just pick and choose depending on the day)
  • Urban Decay – Shadow Primer Potion 
  • Too Faced – Better Than Sex Mascara waterproof
  • Dior – Nude Air Foundation 
  • Bobbi Brown – Concealer 
  • Becca – Highlighter in Opal
  • Urban Decay – All Nighter Setting Spray 

These are all absolutely amazing products and I highly recommend them to everyone! I hope this helps anyone who was wondering what products to buy!