Updates & Top 3 YouTubers !

Hello everyone! It’s been quite some time since I last made a post, and I apologize for that. A lot has come up within the past few months that has lead to me taking a much needed break from the internet. However, I’m back now and better than ever! Be expecting much more content very soon.

Tonight’s post is about my personal favorite YouTube sensations.

#1 Savannah Brown 

Savannah Brown

Savannah Brown is truly an inspiration. From her heart-wrenching poetry to her quirky vibes, she is outstanding. My favorite video of hers – which I encourage you all to go watch – is called “Skinny Girls Bleed Flowers: A Slam Poem”. This is one video that hits close to home, making it an all time favorite for me.


#2 Maddi Bragg

Maddi Bragg\

Maddi Bragg is a fashion ICON! Everything this girl does is fabulous. Her fashion hauls are my guilty pleasure and she is actually making me consider starting a YouTube channel. She is the IT girl.

#3 Jon Jumper // Unicorns Killed My Girlfriend

Unicorns Killed My Girlfriend

Jon Jumper aka Unicorns Killed My Girlfriend is my emo sensation. His videos are funny and usually spot on. Not to mention he’s adorable and can sing. Just go check him out, you won’t regret it, and your fourteen year old self will thank you for the emo throwback.




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