Silicone Sponges VS. Beauty Blenders

Just recently I’ve had the opportunity to try a silicone sponge for the first time, I was beyond excited due to the uproar that social media has made about these little guys. Normally I use a regular beauty blender to blend in my foundation and concealer, but I figured I’d give these new sponges a shot. Overall, both types do a nice job of blending in the product, however, I think I prefer the original beauty blender more. Now don’t get me wrong, the silicone sponge is nice, and it does blend well, but for me it left a streaky foundation look. Before you rule out silicone sponges altogether, I will say I recommend them more than regular sponges for concealer. I think the streaky look comes from the amount of product used when I apply foundation, because when it comes to concealer, it blends perfectly.

My recommendation for all you beauty enthusiasts is to buy both a regular beauty blender and a silicone blender. Start off using a damp beauty blender and apply your foundation, then apply your concealer directly to the silicone sponge and blend your imperfections for a well-polished, clean look.


Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted! Senior year is getting crazy, hopefully I’ll be keeping you all updated more often!

Lots of love,



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