The Best VSCO Filters

If you’re a fan of editing pictures (I know I am), then you should have the VSCO Cam app. There’s a lot of different filters that are free and those will be the ones I’m talking about today.

These filters are great for posting the perfect Instagram picture.

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If you’re interested in a semi-dark moody filter, try using the filter HB2 / Hypebeast.

Be sure to play around with the exposure, contrast, and such. If you want the exact moody filter I use, it is as follows:

Filter: HB2 / Hypebeast +3.6

Exposure: -1.6

Contrast: -1.5

Sharpen: +1.9

Highlights Save: +5.0

Fade: +4.7


A gorgeous black and white filter is next. (Tip: make sure it is an originally bright picture, or this filter can make it too dark.)

Filter: X1 / BW Fade +7.9

Exposure: -1.9

Contrast: +0.5

Sharpen: +8.1

Vignette: +8.4

Fade: +1.5


And for the last filter, I’m showing you a bright and clean look.

Filter: A6 / Analog +9.0

Exposure: +0.6

Sharpen: +6.0

Saturation: +2.0

Vignette: +5.0

I hope you guys enjoyed these filters and be sure to leave feedback letting me know how these worked for you! Have a great week.





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