Starting Again

Hello everyone! Once again I’ve returned from my blogging hiatus in an attempt to reconstruct myself, we’ll see how far I get this time.

Today’s post has no particular subject, but rather a ramble about bettering myself and finding ways to be content in the chaos, if that interests you, read on.

Over the course of the past year I’ve managed to lose track of my goals and values and priorities, and I’m determined to find myself again. I started writing poetry again, and I use my journal frequently to clear my head of toxicity. I have been eating better and lost a lot of weight simply by cutting off comfort eating, and feeling good about my appearance helps me feel better overall.

I am taking steps in the right direction but sometimes I still slip up, and every set back feels like the end of the world, but I’m trying to remind myself of who I am and how to be okay again. This journey won’t quick or simple, but I know I’ll make it.



Updates & Top 3 YouTubers !

Hello everyone! It’s been quite some time since I last made a post, and I apologize for that. A lot has come up within the past few months that has lead to me taking a much needed break from the internet. However, I’m back now and better than ever! Be expecting much more content very soon.

Tonight’s post is about my personal favorite YouTube sensations.

#1 Savannah Brown 

Savannah Brown

Savannah Brown is truly an inspiration. From her heart-wrenching poetry to her quirky vibes, she is outstanding. My favorite video of hers – which I encourage you all to go watch – is called “Skinny Girls Bleed Flowers: A Slam Poem”. This is one video that hits close to home, making it an all time favorite for me.


#2 Maddi Bragg

Maddi Bragg\

Maddi Bragg is a fashion ICON! Everything this girl does is fabulous. Her fashion hauls are my guilty pleasure and she is actually making me consider starting a YouTube channel. She is the IT girl.

#3 Jon Jumper // Unicorns Killed My Girlfriend

Unicorns Killed My Girlfriend

Jon Jumper aka Unicorns Killed My Girlfriend is my emo sensation. His videos are funny and usually spot on. Not to mention he’s adorable and can sing. Just go check him out, you won’t regret it, and your fourteen year old self will thank you for the emo throwback.



Silicone Sponges VS. Beauty Blenders

Just recently I’ve had the opportunity to try a silicone sponge for the first time, I was beyond excited due to the uproar that social media has made about these little guys. Normally I use a regular beauty blender to blend in my foundation and concealer, but I figured I’d give these new sponges a shot. Overall, both types do a nice job of blending in the product, however, I think I prefer the original beauty blender more. Now don’t get me wrong, the silicone sponge is nice, and it does blend well, but for me it left a streaky foundation look. Before you rule out silicone sponges altogether, I will say I recommend them more than regular sponges for concealer. I think the streaky look comes from the amount of product used when I apply foundation, because when it comes to concealer, it blends perfectly.

My recommendation for all you beauty enthusiasts is to buy both a regular beauty blender and a silicone blender. Start off using a damp beauty blender and apply your foundation, then apply your concealer directly to the silicone sponge and blend your imperfections for a well-polished, clean look.


Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted! Senior year is getting crazy, hopefully I’ll be keeping you all updated more often!

Lots of love,


How To: Blend Your Eyeshadow

Okay, this is partially a rant post because I cannot stand when people don’t blend their eyeshadow. For this particular post, I’m talking about how I blended my eyeshadow in the picture at the bottom. I used only Studio Makeup On-The-Go palettes to create this look.

I first started with a shimmery tan color, just slightly darker than my skin tone. I put this color on the base of my eyelids.

Next, I take a shimmery white mixed with a matte white and start from about the beginning of my eyebrow to the inside corner of my eye applying the shadows.

The next color I used was a dark brownish/purple color. I used my crease brush (Crown Brush C513 Pro Detail Crease) to start from the middle of my eyelid and out to the end of my eyebrow using slow, flicking strokes.

The last step of this look is the actual blending process. I use Luxie Beauty Eye Blender brushes to blend the eyeshadow by moving the brush along my eye from the outer corner to the inner corner, with circular motions.

I continue to blend until I find the look I desired.

Hopefully this will help you learn how to blend your eyeshadow well and possibly decrease the amount of girls who do not blend theirs at all.



Daily Makeup 

Today’s post is also my first beauty post! I’m going to make a list of all the makeup products I use on a daily basis. I don’t normally use foundation, but I’m going to add my favorite one to the list. 

  • Anastasia Beverely Hills – DipBrow in Blonde 
  • NYX – Control Freak eyebrow gel 
  • Studio Makeup On-The-Go Palettes (I have so many so I just pick and choose depending on the day)
  • Urban Decay – Shadow Primer Potion 
  • Too Faced – Better Than Sex Mascara waterproof
  • Dior – Nude Air Foundation 
  • Bobbi Brown – Concealer 
  • Becca – Highlighter in Opal
  • Urban Decay – All Nighter Setting Spray 

These are all absolutely amazing products and I highly recommend them to everyone! I hope this helps anyone who was wondering what products to buy! 



Early Morning Thoughts 

I started 2017 off with a goal to start working out, but I haven’t been to the gym once. I’m trying so hard to find motivation but it’s very difficult. I’m thinking about starting a weight loss journal on my instagram to inspire not only myself, but others too. 

Would any of you like that? We can get in shape together! I used to have a bad eating disorder so being fit and healthy is my priority. 

I’m going to start a new tag for my fitness posts, stay tuned for my progress! 



The Best VSCO Filters

If you’re a fan of editing pictures (I know I am), then you should have the VSCO Cam app. There’s a lot of different filters that are free and those will be the ones I’m talking about today.

These filters are great for posting the perfect Instagram picture.

P.S. Follow me on Instagram, @stressors.

If you’re interested in a semi-dark moody filter, try using the filter HB2 / Hypebeast.

Be sure to play around with the exposure, contrast, and such. If you want the exact moody filter I use, it is as follows:

Filter: HB2 / Hypebeast +3.6

Exposure: -1.6

Contrast: -1.5

Sharpen: +1.9

Highlights Save: +5.0

Fade: +4.7


A gorgeous black and white filter is next. (Tip: make sure it is an originally bright picture, or this filter can make it too dark.)

Filter: X1 / BW Fade +7.9

Exposure: -1.9

Contrast: +0.5

Sharpen: +8.1

Vignette: +8.4

Fade: +1.5


And for the last filter, I’m showing you a bright and clean look.

Filter: A6 / Analog +9.0

Exposure: +0.6

Sharpen: +6.0

Saturation: +2.0

Vignette: +5.0

I hope you guys enjoyed these filters and be sure to leave feedback letting me know how these worked for you! Have a great week.




Fashion Must-Haves A-Z

I fully believe that every closet needs at least 26 key pieces. Here is the fashion must-haves a-z.

A.) Adidas Superstars, preferably white with black accents.

B.) Brown/Black Belt, add a little extra to plain outfits.

C.) Classic Shades. Get yourself a pair of classic sunglasses, look fabulous everywhere.

D.) Denim Jacket, absolutely essential.

E.) Equestrian Boots, also known as riding boots.

F.) Flats. Every wardrobe needs a nice pair of black flats… and maybe ten other colors.

G.) Gold Necklace. I know they say that pale skinned people aren’t really supposed to wear gold, but we’re breaking the rules.

H.) High-Waisted EVERYTHING! Shorts, Leggings, Jeans, all pants.

I.) 70’s Inspired patched jeans. Retro is coming back in style.

J.) Jeans, duh! Every closet needs a pair of perfect-fitting jeans.

K.) Khakis, skinny khakis.

L.) Little Black Dress, a key piece.

M.) Midi Length Skirt, my favorite midi skirt is a dark green color.

N.) Neutral Colored Bag, matches every outfit.

O.) Opaque Tights, for classy days.

P.) Pumps, no wardrobe is complete without at least one pair of pumps.

Q.) Quilted Jacket – Perfect for chilly days. Warm feeling, cool looking.

R.) Rose Gold Bomber Jacket, girly yet tough.

S.) Silk Dress, risque and classy at the same time.

T.) T-Shirts. Lots of them.

U.) Undershirts, tank tops, layering, you get the idea.

V.) Velvet Dress, a fashion staple.

W.) White Sweater, just don’t spill, okay?

X.) eXtra thick scarf.

Y.) Yellow Shoes, such a look.

Z.) Zebra print fluffy socks, not fashionable but definitely comfy.

Spring Looks

I know it’s only January, but I feel like spring is going to come early this year, at least I hope so. This winter has been dreadful to say the least. My first post for this blog is going to be about spring fashion. I love florals and there’s no better time to wear them than when the weather is just starting to warm up and the flowers are beginning to bloom.

My go-to outfit for spring season is a nice pair of black leggings (I buy mine at Express, 30 bucks for a quality pair of leggings? Yes please!) and a red colored t-shirt/tank top with a red and black floral kimono. Pair this look with some Doc Martens and you’ll have the perfect match of sweet vs. punk. My favorite Doc Martens are the 1460 Smooths in Cherry Red.

Express Leggings: (29.90 USD)

Floral Kimono: (95.00 USD)

Dr. Martens: (135.00 USD)